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Version 2.5.0D - File Size: 1,062K
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PIPL was first released to the general public in August. With version 2.5.0 we have totally overhauled the look and functionality of this very popular MP3 player.

The major enhancement is the built in peer-to-peer networking, that allows you to have access to your music collection wherever you are. This is just one of the many additions and enhancements, be sure to visit the What's New page for full details.

No one could possibly doubt the impact that MP3s (digital music) have had on the Internet community. However with the ability to download thousands of different tracks, it soon became apparent to us that the current programs like WinAmp and Sonique where somehow missing the boat. Admittedly these are both very good programs with excellent visual effects, but if like us, you spend most of the time with music on while you work, why would you need special graphical effects?

PIPL Main Screen

PIPL was designed from the onset to be simple to use. Just click on a song and listen to it, or create playlists so you can listen to several tracks in succession without manual intervention. We are always more than willing to listen to any feedback our users have, so if there is anything you would like to see in PIPL or would just like to give us some feedback, send us an email. Please be sure to check the What's New page.